FIRST DAY!!!!!!!

Hello Lovers of Creativity!!!!

It is been a while this has been cooking up and we have pondered on all the possibilities. At the end of it all, we decided we were ready for this. As a family, we would love to take you all on a creative trip featuring all sorts of things. It is important to note that it is not just about writing but everything inspirational. We hope to effectively post everyday. There is no bureaucracy to this. We all just want to do what makes us happy. Honestly, that should be the best policy in life. We hope that as we progress, this would become an interactive forum where people can comfortably express themselves. We do intend to expand in our potentials as we grow as a team. We have a dream and we just want everyone to be a part of it.

Without the unnecessary bluff, the following attached poem would say simple things about us and our vision.


Queen Natalia.


A broad light of inspiration

A giant step for a little group

The heartbeat of a people’s imagination.


Inspiration, a usual

Imagination, mandatory

Writing, core.


Inspired pens, a company of hope

Bringing hope to the hopeless

A diving board into the sea of creativity.


Inspired pens, the guide to a brighter future

Be inspired

Be magical in your reality.