Legally Inspired 1: WILLS

Hello Lovelies, So to kick off the legally inspired page, we are addressing the elephant that is usually in a lot of homes. Wills are not a symbol of death but a strategic plan to prevent unnecessary problems in your future absence. Hence, we hooked up with Tomilola Ibadin. A beautiful lawyer who has taken … Continue reading Legally Inspired 1: WILLS


Hello lovelies, How have you all been? It has been an interesting time for everybody and I just felt the need to say that if you ever need anybody to talk to, then we are here to listen. We are gradually making it out of this situation. It only gets better onward. Our best days … Continue reading LEGALLY INSPIRED!!


Hello Lovelies, From the topic of the article today, you can tell it is a sensitive one. So a few things before we start. IT IS A BIT OF A LONG READ!! Also, I reference a Foundation within the body of the article. This is solely  because I have had personal dealings with them. I … Continue reading DEALING WITH RAPE!!!!!

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