Social Intelligence is a MUST!!

I was finally experiencing travelling via train for the first time in Nigeria. So far, I had been impressed. If I am being honest, they were more organised than I had anticipated. Everything was done on time. I was glad to see a system working properly.

I was seated in the train. I had settled in well, plugged my phone to charge and I had brought out a book to read. Just as I was about to digest the first line on the first page. A group of about 6 men decided to settle down in the seats in front of me. I mean what harm could a group of men do right? I decided to mind my business and continue the book I was reading. It was barely a second before I was forced to bless them with my gaze again and this time it was not pretty. They were the lousiest people I had ever met. And there was a particular one dressed in all black. He was the ring leader and he was sitting facing me so I had premium view of his drama. He spoke the loudest, laughed the loudest and sadly, licked his fingers the loudest. Everything they did was loud. I was irritated about the fact I could not peacefully read my book let alone nap. How was a trip supposed to be peaceful with this intrusion? I looked at the siren in black and he looked at me back, eyeball to eyeball. You would think the displeasure registered on my face would mean anything. Nope! He continued with his war cry. It was really a war cry because it took the Holy Spirit in me to prevent me from asking him a few questions. I was literally saying, “Holy Spirit activate!” Eventually, some of them slept off and the place quietened down. We had to wait for them to rest before we could rest.

Isn’t that the current state of this country? A small group of people sit on the affairs of the rest. They determine the tune we dance to. When they think we are at peace too much, they cause a spike in something. I imagine that they are puppeteers pulling the strings in whatever direction they wish. Anyway that is a focus of another write up. The focus point in this one is social intelligence.

How can one be so oblivious of his surroundings? One look around and he ought to have known that he was being loud. Everyone was looking at him, not just me. Even my baby sister was ready to throw some punches in his direction. She can be feisty like that…lol. Without everyone looking at him, the setting should have told him that this is not the place to be loud. Some of us are equally this oblivious. We do not know that there is a time and place for everything. We just act as we please wherever we please forgetting compassion. These are the set of people that champion the “this is how I am” cause. Rather than have them adjust, they expect you to deal with it. It is really unfair!

I really just want to call our attention to the need to be socially intelligent. You cannot have social intelligence if you are lacking in emotional intelligence to start with. Before you act, think! Ask yourself, is this the right time and place? Look around you, who will be inconvenienced by my intended actions? Can I minimalize impact? Must I do it now? Can’t I wait till I get to my house?! Yes, your house! Do not go about inconveniencing people. Everyone has something they are dealing with, do not add to it!

Thank you.

Stay blessed