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Hello Lovelies,

I am not going to try and pretend as if it has not been a tough week for us all. It has been a week of pain. A week of dealing with a pathetic reality. A week of questions. Particularly WHY??? WHY??? WHY ARE PEOPLE SO INHUMANE? WHY IS POWER CONSTANTLY ABUSED?!

It started with George Floyd being killed in such a degrading and dehumanising manner. My heart could not bear it. I avoided the news. I tried to focus on my assignment and put everything I mentally had into it. I could not wrap my head around the fact that a person’s skin colour sentenced him to death. I imagined how he must have felt in his last minutes. So much pain for his skin colour. Why?

Then there was Tina. A sixteen-year-old girl with a bright future ahead of her. An innocent girl at the wrong place. An innocent girl paying a price for things she is not responsible for. She was killed by a stray bullet fired by an officer of the Nigerian Police Force. We have to bury and mourn a soul because our system has failed us. She is not the first to go this way, but this has to end!

Both George and Tina were killed by Police Officers. Both set of officers abusing their powers. The same entity supposed to create an air of security now threaten our very safety. What life is this? The Officers have been left to wild out without accountability. Our lives have become a joke in the hands of the ones we trust to protect us.

Processing that was tough, then there was Uwa. A 22-year-old lady who was raped in a church premises and left to die. My question is what type of animals roam the streets in human form? How was it alright to rape a woman? What is the excuse the time? What she was wearing? Because you know that is the rubbish we condone. A woman is raped, and the question is what was she wearing? What was she doing? Well newsflash she was in the house of God and still got raped. I would like to hear another pathetic apologist explain this to me. And try real hard because you will fail. You already failed from the moment you tried to explain rape. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE!! Only a screwed-up person would think it is okay to rape a person and only a mentally deficient entity would attempt to justify it.

Enough is enough really!!! I am tired! We have been fighting a cause that seems to be going nowhere. I had my sister call me and she was perplexed. She could not concentrate on anything the day the video of George Floyd was aired. She kept asking why? How do I explain why to her? How do I fix that pain in her chest? I have a baby sister in Nigeria that I have to worry about. I see the way my younger brother watches over her everywhere because of his consciousness of the society. He is not ready to have anything happen to her under his watch. These rapists do not even respect sacred places no more. She is definitely going to live an extra sheltered life.

Is it not time that the Nigerian Police Force looks into their officers? You see a couple of them, and you wonder how they ever qualified to join the force. While working in Nigeria, I visited the Lagos Police Command at Ikeja GRA and I was amazed to see that there are actually responsible looking Police Officers. I started wondering why they let the underqualified persons man the roads. That negligence is the very reason we have lost Tina today and many other lives in the past. It is time to be accountable!! It is time to do better!! Tina could have been anyone of us. If the bullet did not hit her, it would have hit another innocent individual. Why was a bullet fired recklessly in the first place?? WHY?

RACISM! The single word that has caused a lot of problems around the world. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous that your skin colour gets you an early appointment with your maker? Whoever created this concept? Who was so misdirected to have conceived that a race beneath others? This is my theory yeah. If you had the opportunity to make people in your image, would you make everyone the same thing? Would you not play around with certain things? Create a spectrum. From the Whitest version of yourself to the Blackest version of yourself? Isn’t there a saying that variety is the spice of life? God created us to complement each other not kill each other! I am just short of words. My tiny mind cannot comprehend it.

For me, my undergrad years were in a University located in a primarily white city. I remember attending seminars and being the only one sitting at my table because I was black. The others would cluster on the other two tables. That only started to change when they started realising that I actually had brains from group presentations. I wondered if my skin colour also determined my IQ. It just does not make any sense. The assumptions and tags are sickening.

I attended my regular Transformation Church Service today (Online of course) and my heart broke further. I saw Michael Todd sit there with a hoodie that read “Your Pastor is black”. He was so drained, and his pain really resonated within me. The pain is real because he knows it could have been him. It could have been any black person!

Enough is Enough!!! This narrative has to change. We need to get better! The world has to get better. Those in power need to become more accountable. The process starts with us. It starts for what we tolerate and speak out against. It starts from our hearts. It starts from our homes. Are we teaching our children to love in spite of skin colours? Are we advocating against rape? Who is holding the irresponsible police officers responsible?

From my Christian background, I know that although we may be different skin colours, GOD gave every one of us core elements. These core elements do not change because of our race. He gave us Himself – grace, favour, blessings, provision and many more. He gave us His son. His son did not die for just black people or just white people. He died for EVERYBODY. And lastly, He gave us His Spirit. God is love! We are not representing that well if we let hate and division strive.

Hence, we need to get ourselves in order. We need to get our homes in order. We need to speak out and advocate for the right things from a place of love and not further hate. This is a trying period, but I pray the Lord gives us all the strength to push through this remembering that we are stronger together!

#JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforTina #JusticeforUwa

Remain Blessed.

Queen N.