Hello Lovelies,

So I recorded this video prior to our President coming to say ‘nothing’. I spent the rest of yesterday laughing uncontrollably. Laughing at the ridiculousness of the speech and the current state of the country. Laughing away the disappointment I was feeling within. And I was glad to see that I was not the only person laughing. We Nigerians are so strong that somehow somehow we find humour in the midst of sadness.

But today as I post this, although I am still laughing, the reality of it all is sinking in. My message in the video is still the same. IT IS NOT OVER!! I wish I could shout it louder. IT IS NOT OVER O!!! We just started. Even if we wanted to give up, for the sake of the innocent lives we lost we cannot afford to.

We need to maintain the energy we started this fight with. We need to persevere. We need to continue to push. We might not be able to go outside and protest right now but let us start working within our circles. Let us start having the necessary discussions. Let us start planning our strategies. For every battle, we need a War room. Let us not forget to spend quality time in our War rooms. We will fight physically as much as we can but we will fight mightily in prayer. We will not stop praying!

My Love, if there is anything to take away from this, it is YOU CANNOT GIVE UP! YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO! We do not accept defeat and we will not succumb easily. We live to fight another day. Hence, that need to take a step back to refuel is very necessary. We will come back to the drawing board stronger than ever. Once you are refuelled, start getting involved in things happening around you. They do not have a choice. God through this generation will make Nigeria great again!

As always stay safe and blessed!

Queen N