Hello everyone!!! I am Ajufo Afomachukwu Nicolette, a student of All Saints University, School of Medicine, Dominica. Writing is one of the things I do well. Hence, I put it to good use by writing about my thoughts, my opinions, my faith and anything and everything. It is also important that I share these with people you beautiful people, hence the blog. So my loves welcome to Inspired Pens Blog.
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My name is Oyelade Tomilola and I am a medical student of Bowen University, Iwo. I am from Oyo State but I reside in Lagos. I am the first born of three. I take pleasure in writing short stories. I occasionally delve into poetry. When I am not reading medical books, I am either reading a self-help book, roaming the streets of twitter, listening to Nf while taking a stroll or playing football. I am a staunch Chelsea fan. I love Pounded Yam and detests Amala with a passion. I believe that whatever change we want to see in the world can only occur when we decide to make a change ourselves.

My Instagram and twitter handles are @tomi.oyde and @tomioyelade respectively.


My name is Ebubechukwu Natalia Ajufo (Queen Natalia). Born 18th February. I am done with University. Yay!!!! (This yay was too early because I am back in school for my!) What can I say? I am just a normal girl with a dream to do big things. I do not believe myself to be utterly beautiful but I do see my beauty through creativity. I enjoy writing, hair making and generally anything that involves actively using my hands. I would consider myself as intelligent enough, playful and kind. I am a giver to a fault like for real. I need to be! Do follow me on snapchat: Natalia Juf/ebubs18 and IG: ebube_juf. 

It is evident that the team is made up of  beauty and brains. Yay!!! In the same spirit, do follow Inspired Pens on twitter as @inspiredpens and on IG: inspiredpens._ Let’s build a family people.

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