It’s quite easy to play around with prints in one outfit once you’ve figured out the basics. There are some rules following the way print and print should be styled. Don’t go around looking like a cartoon character. You can match prints and not look like a clown.

We’ll walk you through the rules.

GO FOR PRINTS IN THE SAME COLOUR SCHEME: more often than not prints with similar colours tend to look good together. image
You can play around with bold colors.Check out this daring one. She sure pulled it off


MIX AND MATCH SIMILAR PRINTS : another fun way to pull of this somewhat tricky trend is to try matching similar prints together . They mustn’t be exactly the same though, that’ll be kinda hard to come by . You can also have fun with different colours of the same print. That always looks on point 😍

BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES WITH ANYTHING: BxW stripes can be paired with any print. This is because they are two monochrome colours,they look subtle so you can have a busier  prints going on too


DIFFERENT SIZES: Why not match different sizes of prints? Pick a large print and match it  with a smaller one.


This shows the difference between smaller and larger print. You’ll never go wrong with this as long as they complement each other 😉


HEAD TO TOE: It sounds rather busy but trust me you can make it work. You can wear the same print on the top and bottom by adding accessories with solid colours. You can go with a colour that’s in the print. Maybe the background colour. Works just like magic✨


BxW  TOP AND BOTTOM: black and white are both universal colours. Black and white goes with literallyeverything. You can play around with it very easily. Why not try vertical stripes on horizontal. Or vertical stripes on polka dots. You can also do different sizes of prints. Bigger black and white prints on smaller ones. Be sure to add a pop of colour. Red heels or red lipstick or a bright coloured purse. 😻image

We agree that print on print is definitely a yay. What do you guys think ? Leave your comments.



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