The bleakness of the world
If only I was a child
The beauty
The purity
the inability to side with evil
The sparks and sparkles
Everything is a joke
Whoever said life should be taken seriously?
This is not our world anyway
I wish I could smile at everybody
White or black
Because my purity sees just people not colour
No fool was Christ when He said to enter heaven we need be like children
We have taken too much for granted
We have lost our essence
We have lost the ability to see the bigger picture
Have fun and let live.


Ever looked at yourself and thought I could do better?
That’s not bluff
That’s the greater you
The you that knows the worth
Every time we feel like that,
It’s appropriate we step back and re-evaluate
I could be slacking but I choose to do better
I could be a failure but I choose to do better
I could be in this dead ass relationship where I am oppressed but I choose to do better
I could be sleeping around but sincerely I just got dignity (Google it)
I could hate the world but I choose to do better
I could sit and crucify the inefficient government and not act but I choose to do better
I choose to stand tall
For what I believe in
For who I am
For the dreams I have
For the lives to touch
For the needs to be met
For the hearts to be healed
I could do better!


You are the reflection of what you feed yourself
I hear you all saying I did not plan for this
I don’t deserve this
How could this happen to me?
Oh no mate who should it happen to?
Who deserves it?
Naa not possible
You see I watch people sell themselves short

when they start cashing out they never expected it.
I see souls lose their faith and then blame God when it all goes wrong
You be sitting painting your self a goddess but acting like a slave
C’mon WAKE UP!!!
You inefficient thinker
Broaden thy horizon
the guilt tripping card never paid no bills
You don’t deserve what you have?
Mate get what you deserve.

I hope these not so poetic words mean something to someone. They are just little wrapped messages. Do leave comment and let us know what you think.


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