Hi guys, so today on here’s to health I’ll be talking about how eating a diet rich in zinc contributes to many aspect of your general health. It improves the quality of your eyesight,taste,smell,hair and skin. It is also linked to the production of testosterone in men and fortification of the immune system. Zinc aids in the building of 100 different enzymes, and helps to protect the body against sickness and decay. Vitamin B12 however, aids in the formation of red blood cells, but it’s one of the major influences in the maintenance of an individual’s nervous system. It also aids in the normal function of the brain.

So I’ve compiled 8 natural food sources rich in B12 and zinc, as well as some nutritional information that would help you in making decisions about when and where to add them to your meal plans:
LIVER: A 100 gram serving of liver is said to contain more than 30 micrograms of B12. Liver isn’t only beneficial because of the amount of B12 that it yields, but it is a nutrient rich super-food. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals which can increase energy, muscle growth and brain function and power.
EGGS: Eggs can yield up to five micrograms of B12 in a 100 gram serving. One egg contain six grams of protein and nine essential amino acids that our bodies need. The yolk of one egg contains 300 micrograms of choline, this substance is also known for helping regulate the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system.
CORNED BEEF: Corned beef has about two micrograms of B12 per 100 gram serving, but you want to watch how much of this you include in your daily or even weekly diet, as this food tends to be very high in sodium. In most cases, one serving contains 87% of our recommended dose of B12. It also contains 803 calories and 3,629 micrograms of sodium.
TURKEY: This mega food seems to be all over health related new articles and diet recipes. It contains 1.5 plus micrograms in a 100 gram serving. This food is naturally low in fat, as long as it’s eaten without the skin. Turkey usually only contains 1 gram of fat per ounce of flesh eaten. Turkey contains nutrients which have been shown to keep your cholesterol down, as well as protect against cancer and heart disease. The tips are to be continued on the next segment of here’s to health. Stay tuned🐠😊.

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