About 2 weeks ago, I got to the library. I picked a spot to read. I had a lot to read and cover and the mere thought of it zapped all of my energy. I was tired in advance. After about 5-10 minutes of agonizing on how much workload I had, I decided it was best to get on with it. I had to start somewhere. And so, I started reading.

Barely 20 minutes after I’d started, a friend of mine (my coursemate) rushed to where I was seated with panic written all over his face. He put the paper in his hands in front of me and he said,

“Guy, have you seen these questions? Them maaaaad”

I looked through the questions and I got really irritated. Oh yes, I can tell you for a fact that the questions were ‘mad’, I was irritated because of the fact that my friend who brought these questions could answer all of it without blinking and yet for whatever reason, he was having a panic attack and he wanted me to have one to.

I think my reaction to his panic was spurned out of that irritation. And so, I said
“So? Wetin ” mad” there? If you jack am, e no dey hard joorh. Abeg carry this your negative vibe commot joorh”
Translation: so? What is “mad” there? If you read well, there’s nothing there. Please take your negative vibe away.

Somehow, in an unexplainable way, (I was surprised at my own reaction, quite honestly) my reaction seemed to give this heaven sent confidence😂.

This little incident reminded me of Wizkid and skepta’s song “bad energy stay far away”

This is life. Challenges will come. A life without challenges is one not lived. What matters is how you handle these challenges. Do you handle them with positivity or negativity?

Look, there’s only little or nothing being negative will fetch you. Well, if you count misery and sorrow as something, then you’d get a lot from being negative.

As hard as things may be or seem, be positive. Tell yourself things will turn out for the best. Believe it and work towards it and they will most likely turn out for the best.
Whether its that doctor’s report, or the tough math question, or the difficult lecturer, don’t go around carrying a long face like the world is on your shoulders. Smile and be positive. Things always turn out better when you do just that……


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