It’s RIRI appreciation week lol. She’s deff our style icon. Rihanna sure knows how to make everything work. I mean everything!

Rihanna is one with a hell of style.
Being a trendsetter and a role model to many, Rihanna is not afraid to take risks.
From going bra-less to wearing so much denim in one outfit


to wearing socks and heels


to wearing maxi dress and a canvas.


It should be established that Rihanna can do no wrong. Rihanna please teach us your ways😭
Rihanna takes puma to a whole different level. Her Fenty shoes😍. It’s sure a crowd pleaser. It’s a must have.

Rihanna takes fashion to a different planet. With her style she just slays effortlessly. Riri is always at the top of the game. Rihanna is one to look out for on the red carpet. She comes out fierce and daring. She definitely steals a lot of attention on the red carpet. She always leaves the public with a lot to talk about.


Let’s appreciate this young gorgeous woman. We love you Rihanna ❤❤


TWITTER: @inspiredpens

INSTAGRAM: inspiredpens16

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