This is my first attempt at a short story. I am usually a thousand pages more of a writer. It is likely to undergo changes and development. However, I  just wanted to share with you all this short story inspired by love. I hope you all like it. Please do let me know what you all think and what you would like me to consider while changing certain things.


Love is a wonderment and an integration of feelings. A term often slandered. I believe it be the ignorance of people that such a grace be abused. Love is viewed and shown in several ways. The love that GOD felt for HIS people that He sacrificed HIS only son. That very one, Christ felt when HE decided to take upon that cross. How can I forget the instant love a mother feels for her child and how it blossoms further when the father holds the child in his hands. What exactly is love? It is a something for Irene and Joseph to figure out. Both young brilliant adults with a great life ahead and a tortuous yet beautiful journey of love.

Irene is a 21-year-old independent female with a different view of the world. She would describe herself as creative and secluded. She was the introvert to the letter but it would surprise you to know that not all her friends would agree. She had her moments but who really does not flutter. She was beautiful and if there was one thing she could confidently tell anyone is she was born to help. It ran through her veins. The need to correct, make right and inspire. That was all she ever dreamt about. However, did I forget how lazy her faith could be? It was all imagination and less action. Can you attempt to imagine the waste? Irene had never imagined that there would be a human being who would try her patience so much and at the same intrigue her. Oh well! At this point I am sure she knows not of the creature named Joseph for he was designed to teach her undeniably annoying lessons about her faith and patience.

Joseph on the other hand, that twisted being. Why give an introduction? Just enjoy meeting him.


“Hello Irene! You would call this being rude but I know you are fine so there is no need asking. Skipping to what is more important. There is this handsome guy I met today. I think you would like him”, Vera cheered over the phone. “Well hello to you too. For the umpteenth time if it is the Joseph guy, I am not interested. Geez! Get over it already”, Irene replied exasperated. Vera had been trying to hook them up but for some reason, Irene was not having it. She was being focused on progressing in the world as she just graduated and started working. “Honestly, I do not get why you are so difficult at times. Just meet him. Something tells me you will like him”, Vera pleaded. “In case I was speaking French earlier, I. Am. Not. Interested.” Irene emphasized. “Alright fine. What are you up to then?” Vera asked and then switches to a more comfortable line of discussion. Teasing, laughing and plain being the best friends they did always been. After an eternity of ‘gist’ the call ended and the mischief began.

Vera, knowing fully well her instinct was too strong for her to ignore went ahead to give Joseph, Irene’s number encouraging him to get familiar and filling him with nothing but the best of Irene. Obviously omitting the temper her friend possessed. She seriously prayed that Joseph would actually go for it.

Joseph was 24 years old. He was into music and all about that industry life. He had no time for women. Sincerely, he could not possibly include drama in his already tight schedule. He was not having it. Besides life had been cruel to him in the past. The only time he gave it a go, she just could not take it and walked away. No words, just silence and absence. He was not going down that road ever again. There was not a single female that could understand and keep him. He was confident with the fact that he was not destined to love and settle down ever. However, something about him wanted to speak to this Irene girl. He had seen her once when he met Vera but she had paid him no attention. In fact, she did not speak to Vera because she was with him. What was her problem? What was odd about him? After that, he has never been in the same geographical stance with her ever again. Oh now he was radiating with curiosity.

He picked up the phone and actually messaged Irene. He had no clue on how to approach her but he went for it. Irene was in the middle of reading a file when her phone beeped. ‘What is it again?’ She thought to herself as she picked up her phone. The message read “Good afternoon ma’am. How are the children?” Her expression was one of surprise. ‘Me? Children?’ She said and laughed. She was certain this was a joke and a wrong number incident. At first she was not going to reply but then felt compelled to let the individual know the message had been sent to the wrong person. “I believe this message has been sent to the wrong number. Definitely no children here”, Joseph read out feeling quite fulfilled for getting her attention through such a silly manner. “Children, no? Surprising much. This is Irene right? Vera told me you had four.” He replied.  “What? LOL! Vera is such a joke sometimes. No children and definitely not a madam.  Irene I certainly am, you are?” She replied. She was definitely going to teach Vera a lesson for such behavior. She was not really mad. It was Vera. Such jokes could slide.

She got distracted by an email on her laptop and again the phone beeped. “Joseph it is.” He has replied. She relaxed in her chair. Accessing his profile picture, he was a fine man. That’s of course if he was the one. I can understand why Vera finds him attractive but why would she want to share him with me? I just cannot dwell on this right now. I finally shake it off and reply, “Nice to finally meet rather speak with the ‘Joseph’”. I put my phone away in my handbag. I really cannot get enveloped in this discussion. Somehow he sounds nice but all these people into music, can they be trusted with their fake lives? At the end of an interesting work day and a Friday, she dug out her phone. He hadn’t even replied so why bother hiding the phone? Her inner goddess was not pleased with the silence but honestly who cares. As she got into her car, her phone rang. “Hello Vera. You better start explaining why I have four kids”, she rapped as she put the call on speaker and reversed the car. “Four kids? I so have no clue what you are on about at the moment. Has Joseph messaged?” Vera asked enthusiastically. “That, young lady is what I am on about. He said you told him I had four children. I guess that answers your question.” She responds and Vera laughs. “I am happy he did. That is all I wanted to know. Talk to you later”, Vera said as she hung up.

Oh that is just great and that is the first verse of Irene and Joseph. Many more chapters to go.


A couple days turned into weeks and catapulted into months and it became evident to Irene. Joseph was a bright young man. He was not perfect actually far from it but he was him and he managed to keep her interested. She knew deep down that he had issues. He had a way of making the conversation all about her and less of him. He hid himself magnificently well from her. Secrets upon secrets. It confused her so much. One second he made her feel like he could not function without her and the next he was taking on the world without her, not even telling her. She found herself experiencing new feelings. Feelings like worry and anxiety, disappointment, and most of all, the need to be there for him and heal him. Remember how she just has to fix everything well she is in for a shock if she thinks she is fixing this one.

She was getting attuned to him. She found herself waiting for his calls and messages. Basically she was always waiting for him. She would check her phone a thousand and one times and nothing. How the hell does he do it? Ignoring me all day. Just a day? More like days. I mean is he oblivious to the fact that I worry too much? Who am I kidding? See what I said in the beginning? This music people. I just cannot deal with all these.

He on the other hand, was in and out of meetings and living life. He had always had a legitimate reason for being absent but just could not be bothered to communicate it. It is just Irene. She will never understand anyway and he was not ready to tie himself to anyone. Can he not have a life without her? Of course he could and was doing it. It must definitely come as a shock that in spite of his convictions on not loving he asked Irene out. In spite of his ability to waiver and absolutely be absent when she needed him the most, Irene said yes. So the torture began. The fights, the sacrifices and the hatred brewed. They were a very stubborn mix probably never meant to be.

Irene had a life, she was succeeding well. The company she worked in valued her as an asset. Yet she would give anything to just be valued a little more by Joseph. The relationship was more hell than peace. He was never there. When she got promoted, he was the one person she wanted to tell but he was not there. It just became a normal thing for Joseph to be absent from her life that when he flickered on, she would give up anything to be by his side. On his end, he would do everything to leave her empty. The more she asked questions, the more he cringed. He would reply with one word replies. Did he seriously have no clue that he was hurting her? Irene had lost the ability to get angry, she was just blank. What he decided to make her feel, she felt otherwise she was empty. It all sounds toxic, yet with every passing day, Irene loved him more and never thought of leaving him. Not once did it occur to her that she could walk away and do what? Give up? No that was not for Irene.


“Tell me again why you felt the urge to match make Joseph and myself?” Irene purred at Vera. Vera looked completely shocked. Well I blame myself I have left her in the dark about everything. I really do love Joseph and the last thing I want is someone else minding my business and over highlighting the flaws. However, Vera is my best friend, a sister. I would probably cope with all these if I ask for her advice once in a while. My subconscious asks me if he would like it. What would he care? He is barely present for crying out loud. “I mean. He seemed different”, Vera responded still reeling in shock and interrupting Irene’s train of thought. “He is different. Vera before we started dating it was much better. He was present and forthcoming. Now he is so closed off. I know there are things he is not telling me. I am not sure the reason is to protect me or what but it hurts and the fact that he just runs his life like I don’t exit. Then he returns and expects me to throw a party that a man replied after days of me trying to reach him. It is all weird to me. Is this what a relationship with an artist is like? I mean I don’t indulge myself in what he does. I hate the spotlight but I am his biggest fan and would never jeopardize his career”, Irene concluded. “Vera today just feels off for me. My gut tells me he is going to break up with me. This is the longest he has gone without replying me. I do not know what to expect”, she confesses sadly.

Vera walks up to her and hugs her. “Babe you will be fine. Truthfully if that happens, you will be getting rid of one hell of an onion. I am sorry for recommending such an ill fit. Next time I promise to back off once you said no, okay?” Vera does not know the right words to use. She never envisaged him to be such a mess. It did not appear that the fame affected him so much. She was blaming herself, beating herself over and over again.

The day went by very slowly. I have made every attempt possible to have a good day but I just cannot shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen. At about 8pm, I heard my phone ring. It was baddo love by Olamide. I definitely knew who was calling. It was his peculiar ring tone. It was a significant song he sent to me and I just felt it meant a lot. “Hello Joseph”. “Irene listen. I have been waiting to do this all day. It is over between us. You and I are no longer an item. This was a mistake that should have never happened.” At that Joseph hung up. Irene just stood. No words, no movements just stood. Then the pain hit gradually, followed by the tears then she descended to the floor. It was all over. This painful relationship just ended but she felt worse at that realization. At night, she cried herself to bed. Her very first relationship just crumpled without even being given a chance. The worst five months of her life just ended and an eternity of emptiness was about to begin.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and refusing to dwell on what had happened the day before. She went about her life, going to church and going to the family house. She decided to move out and try the independent living style but had promised to spend every possible Sunday with the rest of her family. Her mother was all over her trying to figure out what could be wrong. She could fool everyone but not her ever watchful mother. “What is wrong Ire? Talk to mum”, Mother inquired. “Mum it is nothing. I have just had a very stressful week. Trust me.” She attempted placating her mum. “How is Joseph?” Mum had just asked a harmless question right? With a very weak dangerous smile, Ire responded, “he is doing wonderfully well mother”. Mother chose to ignore it. One must choose their battles and right now her daughter was not ready to talk about this once bright Joseph. Knowing how stubborn her daughter was, she chose to leave the conversation for later. At night, again it dawned on her that Joseph had walked out on her for no reason. Not one. Was she a bad girlfriend? Did she care less? Was she a tyrant? He had called her, them a mistake. No it was just too much for one girl to handle.

 Picking up her phone, she dialed his number from the top of her head and he picked. Wow! He picked. I basically was not expecting this. “Hey Joseph. I am very sorry to disturb you but it would be a lot easier for me to deal with this if I knew the reason why. Please just tell me the reason”, she said weakly. “Look one of us was going to have to do it soon. I mean I love us physically but because of how I operate I am mostly available over the phone and we are just awful. I could not bear being scarred again so I ended this. You would have eventually left. I need to concentrate on my career and you are a distraction. I have never had to answer to anyone”, he explained. I just lost it. At that I ended the call. Let me get this straight, he scarred me so he does not get scarred. This has got to be the most disturbing logic ever created. He deserve to be scarred. Whose fault is it that he hides from me? Whose is it? I only ever wanted to be there for him. I just wanted to get him to a better place. I failed and as a trophy I get an eternal scar. I am probably the world’s worst girlfriend right about now. I failed to give him comfort. Why am I blaming myself? What does he care? This was a sham and they never saw nor spoke again.


A few years passed and Irene became the accomplished woman she wanted to be. She now effectively runs her father’s company with a couple of ventures of hers on the side and she is still young. After the Joseph incident, love was not her thing anymore. She had stayed away from dating and Vera had respected that. She was now a completed brick house. Her feelings were solid shut. She could be really cold but most of all still empty. She never spoke about Joseph again. She shut out news of him or his music and his growth. She blocked out his existence. That was her way of dealing with it. Technically, I bet he did same too. No contact was ever made.

Joseph on the other hand, was doing well too. He also had abstained from dating. Some fun here and there but nothing serious. He had made himself believe he was not programed to love. People like him have no time for such unnecessary feelings.

One of the things Irene was into was event management. This meant she dealt with a lot of celebrities. Well actually her team dealt with them, she really did not communicate with the clients. She was too busy with other ventures to focus on just one thing. On this particular day, there was a pair and they wanted to see the boss regardless of what the world had to say. “Just classic! I have to be somewhere real quick Nina. Can you not deal with them?” Irene asked her most competent staff. “Ma’am I have told them everything they need to know. They have admitted we are the best at what we do yet they insist on meeting you. I know not why”, Nina explained in a contrite manner. “It is okay. Send them in. I will make it quick”, Irene replied exasperated. Looking at my phone, I still have time. If I rush this I can make my other meeting. Oh Lord help me here. My life is always on the move.

While going through her emails, there is a knock complimented by the entrance of a familiar man and a beautiful lady. Irene looked in shock. Oh no! What is he doing in my office? “Hello, I am Joseph’s right hand woman, Sophia. We have heard a lot about your uniqueness and wanted to meet you in person. He basically begged to see you the moment he heard your name”, Sophia said cheerfully playing ping pong with her eyes as she looked from one to the other. “I see. I mean I am happy to have you both. Please take a seat”, she gestured to seats. Be professional Irene. This jerk is paying for the services anyway so be cool and nice. After the initial stare, Joseph mellowed and acted like he did not know her and she reciprocated. They spoke about his upcoming concert and his vision for it, what the venue needs to look like and such details. At some point it was obvious he was questioning his abilities to pull it off. She started melting. This was the man that changed her and he was still so lost in whatever he was not telling her. She changed focus from Sophia to Joseph. She was looking deep into his eyes, searching for God knows what and out of nowhere she says, “I believe in you. I always have. So I advise you stop questioning yourself and just believe everything is going to be fine. It is going to be the biggest in your career and your fear would limit you, trust me.”  She said and surprisingly she found the strength to smile at him. He had not expected the woman he hurt to have faith in him. Sophia was grateful though. She had noticed his attitude but had no clue what to say him. How could a complete stranger hold the key? “Thank you, Irene. I am speechless at the amount of faith in that statement”, he said honestly. Irene simply smiled. I still hate you jerk. It was not an easy meeting she was switching from love to hate in seconds. The impact this man had on her was alarming. She shut this door years ago, had she not?

After the meeting she was both mentally and emotionally exhausted. She could not handle any more meetings. “Hello Olivia. If you love your boss enough to let her remain alive, could you please cancel my other meeting for the day?” She asked her P.A (one of them), “Irene please do not make jokes about your life. I will do that right away. I have told you, you work too much. Get some rest ma’am”, she said and they said they good byes. She fell into her chair. She took off her shoes and jacket and just stared. After a while of fighting tears, they poured. She hadn’t really cried after Joseph. She would not let herself fall apart and now seeing him again she is already apart. I really did fail with myself.  He still doubts himself and the way I felt with him. I still feel something. Gosh! No not again. No feelings for a jerk. All prohibited please.

She eventually pulled herself together and went through the plans. A filter of courage flew in. This is my chance to fix him again. I mean I have the resources to do as I wish and be where I wish. Slow down tiger, my subconscious called to me. None of such rubbish again. Before I can put myself together I am on the phone. “Nina. Office. Now.” There is some work to be done here. I cannot even recall what his stage name is. I never addressed him as a celebrity. Whatever, who cares? I do not. “Yes ma’am”, Nina bursts out dragging Irene back to the world. “Hey, take a seat. This is a delicate client. I need the best team possible on this. No mistakes because I would not have them. I would be very much involved. I want to be reported to daily on what goes on, ideas and execution. I hope this can be followed. This dream right here, on this paper here, is my business”, I explained to my best. “Are we crystal?” “Yes ma’am. Crystal clear. It sounds very much personal”, Nina replied trying to pry for information. Cocking my head to the side processing the statement, “I guess it is. That would be all”. Nina leaves but I am still processing this. Did I just admit that his business is my business? I still feel that way? So much for hating the jerk. I cannot deal with this. I go about making calls and ending with Vera. She is shocked to hear a recount of my day and my confessions. “I told you, blocking him out does not stop you from loving him”, she blurted. “Oh! Please. Spare me the lecture. It is nothing deep. Just business”, I replied. “Of course. His business, your business, all business”, her attempt at sarcasm tickles me. I cannot help but laugh. “You need some sarcasm schooling”. The chat gets lighter and eventually ends.

Well since she is at this office, she decides to go through files that she hadn’t visited yet. Everything seems to be going right. ‘Thank you Lord. It is not by my power that I have made all these happen. I am extremely grateful.’ The rest of the day is spent peacefully with occasional flash of Joseph’s face in Irene’s mind. At about 8pm, she heads home. The beauty of this particular venture is that it is close to home. It is a short drive and in no time she is parking her ride and heading to her front door. How she ever got accustomed to living alone still amazes her on a completely different level.

Something is not right. That is a human being at my door. I stand corrected. Human being is an understatement. It is the only man on the surface of the earth that makes me squirm. JOSEPH. I probably should have moved houses since he is now experiencing stalking tendencies. First my company now my house and this time he is alone.  You know asides my surprise, I am beginning to wonder if he is fine. Why is he here? He has never needed me before? So I believe. Well if I am left in the dark, I HAVE A RIGHT TO DRAW MY OWN CONCLUSIONS.

“Hey Irene”, he says with a voice I do not recognize. What is all this? A girl is tired and would like some peace and less drama. By the way I left all that at work. “Hello stranger, how can I help you?” I ask pointedly. I am so not comfortable with this level of proximity and my recent realisations. “Please can we talk?” He asks again with that voice again. Is this contrite Joseph? TALK??? How many years after? My subconscious is furious but I have no strength for any of these. Instead of kicking him to the curves, I find myself unlocking the door. This is so wrong. He will kill you. Keep opening the door for the one that has hurt you the most. “Well welcome. I will be with you in second. You are familiar with this place, get comfortable”, I say heading to my room. Mentally prepping myself for what I can predict will be an emotionally long talk. I change into sweat pants and a free top. If I am going to cry then I need to do so comfortably. Brazing myself for the worst, I head to the sitting area. He is not there. So the chicken ran eh? Well that spares me the emotionally challenged exchange. As I sink into my couch, about to switch on the TV, he surfaces from the kitchen. I did give him permission to feel at home and he had visited my kitchen. He has returned from his journey with two glasses and some juice I must have forgot I bought.

“I know this is too much to ask but I just want a chance to explain certain things to you. Please hear me out. Could you do this?” He asks again contrite. “You have made yourself so at home how can I kick you out? Sure I will listen. Forgive me if my reactions are off. I believe you know why”, I am being too blunt but I cannot help it. He is still a jerk to me. “Do you hate me Irene?”  He inquires. “What do you care Joseph?” I retort. “Do not assume”, he responds. “Right back at you”, I throw back. Oh this is it. The exchange is starting. “I just asked”, he states blankly. “Yes and no. I thought I did and today when I saw you. I knew I did not so no. I do not hate you. I do not have the power to hate you”, I admit. “Thank you”, he responds. “Well you welcome Joseph”, I am edgy. I cannot be blamed. He did drill a hole through my soul. I cringe as I remember his break up words to me. They still burn even after an eternity.

“Here it goes.  I was not brought up the right way. My mum put me up for adoption. Actually that is me being modest. She left me outside an orphanage. She never returned. I never saw her and frankly I do not know if I have a father as well. I was adopted quite alright but once the couple had their own child, I became irrelevant. No one cared for my existence. No family at all. You have no clue how that feels. I have learnt the hard way to be independent. Not answering to anyone. Knowing no one cares and I am not worthy of anyone’s love. That right there is my truth. Then you sashayed into my life with all the care I never had and your ability to run to a conclusion faster than Bolt himself. It was confusing. Too confusing. I was suffocating in it. I wanted my independence. I did not want to have to report to you and feel like an errant child all the time. Besides I doubt you would have been proud of all the things I was involved in. It is okay if you do not believe me but seeing you today and the amount of faith you still had in me, just made me crumple. It is encouraging and humbling that you have so much faith in someone that was so callous to you.” He paused. “I am sorry Irene and honestly I do not know what got into me to come here and break it all down to you. I am truly sorry. I am still a very twisted person and still very work indulged. It is the only way I know how to function”, he concluded.

At this point, all I feel is pain. Why did he carry all this alone? Why did he not share? What was I for? Some decoration of a girlfriend. He could have spared us all these pain if he had just told me the truth, his truth. I need to make him understand. “Joseph, listen to me and listen carefully. Everyone has something they are not proud about. It may not be this big but there is something. You embarrass me because I loved you. According to 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ‘Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrong doings; love is not happy with evil, but happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail’. I felt all of that for you. I have always wanted the best for you. I just wanted to show you, you deserved to be loved. I am not perfect. I have my flaws. I would not call it assuming but whatever I did was because you were always blank on me. I had to colour in the lines myself. How would I know what colour you preferred? If I told myself too many nice words, how would I know I was not filling myself with trash and you really did not feel same? You were selfish. You only thought of how you felt not how we felt. It was always about you. I am sorry about what you have had to go through. If I could give you better life I would but you did not give me a chance. I doubt you ever give anyone a chance to fill you to stupendous heights of love. All I wanted was for you to let me love you and teach you to love. I knew you were twisted but I never for once thought of giving up on you. Love does not give up. Faith, I had abundance of that in you. You could have never quantified how much I believed in you but you robbed us of a chance’, I explained with a weak smile.

“Do you still have faith in me?” He asked calmly. I have never seen him like this, so vulnerable. This is what he does not like, being vulnerable to others. You should have let me heal you, my inner goddess purrs. I am looking at him with so much intensity, “yes. I thought I had shut you out but today I realized that without even knowing what has been going on with you, I have constantly wished you the best and had faith in you.” I reply hoping it gives him hope. “I am not sure I am worthy of love let alone your love, but do you think there is a chance in the world that we could give something a try? Also, taking into consideration that I hurt you”, he says. He wants me now? Oh I am a mistake remember? Oh stop Irene! Look at him. You loved him. You love him. You will always love him. He is the reason no other guy meets the spec. There is only one of him around here. What is it going to be? “I am not making any promises to be different. I am going to still worry in between my busy schedule. I am still going to suffocate you with abundant love. I am going to still assume. Please I am a girl, cut me some slack. Ultimately, I am going to need you to communicate with me. Bearing in mind that you hurt me, love does not record wrong doings. Can you handle all of that?” I ask honestly.

“Yes I can. I am sure that you just being yourself is all I would have ever needed. Please just do not give up on me ever”, he pleaded. Oh my gosh! He is pleading with me. I should be recording this right now. He never apologises let alone tell me he appreciates me as I am. I would have appreciated all these years ago. Now I am empty. What can an empty person give someone in need? How do I do this? I need to strike an equilibrium soon- my emptiness and my need to be there for him. “I promise never to give up on you. You are very frustrating. I mean I cannot handle you sometimes and I am not sure if over the years you have improved or depreciated. One day at a time, I promise we will work on it a day at a time.” I say looking at him. Is this the man I am about to invest my emotions into again after being burnt red a time that feels like yesterday. Lord help me. This is going to be a journey for us both. “What is wrong?” He asks willingly me back to life. “I do not know what to do exactly you know. After everything, I have not felt anything for no one. I have gone so cold and empty.” I reply earnestly. “Isn’t that the reason why we are taking things a day at a time?” Oh now he is playing smart with me?

Just like that, we spend a little longer trying to catch up on what we have missed. He has had so much fun. Well from the little information he has had to part with. Digging into this man for information is the hardest thing ever. How does one cope? Oh well! That is my cross now and I am going to carry it diligently. I say to myself smiling. This is an achievement actually. I did not have to go after him, he came to him at his time. The power of love and faith. I never expected that a single statement trying to reassure him of his self-worth would win him over. I should complement him more often. He is more than worth it. Geez Irene! All in one night you are in love again? Easy tiger. He told you he is not ready for love yet. Easy on the suffocation. I smile to myself. I feel so self-accomplished. My staff would wonder at my joy tomorrow.

Eventually at some ungodly hour, he departs from my house. We at a better place. I already see us arguing the next day over him ignoring my calls but I know there will be a legitimate reason. However, if I do not complain how would I be Irene? Valid question.


This is how the journey part two began. Irene devoted herself wholly to the team she had created for Joseph. She sought the best and only the best. This had to be big and it all starts from how amazing the venue looks. The creativity brought to the table was refreshing. Joseph trusted her so much that he did not even get involved as such. She is the queen and the best at what she does. After all, he has other formations and artists to deal with. He is grateful for the minus one.

“Hey Joseph. Have you spoken with Irene? You know to see how it is going? I mean she may be the best at what she does but you still need to crosscheck.” Sophia rants. She cannot understand why Joseph is so laid back with Irene. He is always on the move with things like these making sure the people are getting it right but this time no. it is so unlike him. ”Like you said she is the best at what she does and trust me she does not work well under suffocation.” He replies absentmindedly. What nonsense? Sophia cannot wrap her mind around this and decides to go see for herself what this so called Irene is up to. He will never let me do anything on my own but he is fine with Irene?

“Hello remember me? I am Sophia”, she is interrupted by Nina. “Yes I remember you. Joseph’s right hand lady. What can I do for you?” Nina replied with a smile. “Well I was hoping I could speak with your boss concerning the project. Is she on seat?” Sophia asks attempting to be nice. “I will put a call through right out”, Nina replies. After a short conversation, Sophia is ushered in to meet Irene. “Hello Sophia. I was not expecting you”, Irene says sweetly, too sweetly. They get right too business. Irene is professional and Sophia cannot seem to find a fault. At the end, she can understand why Joseph trusts her abilities. Just as she is about to leave, Irene receives a call from Joseph and they have a quick but happy conversation. What could this be about now? It is just the concert Sophia. This is how he checks. She has been thinking of how to tell Joseph of how she really feels but is scared of ruining everything. As a result, she gets paranoid when he gets comfortable with other girls. She has to tell him today she convinces herself.

There are perks of working with him. She has all the access to him other girls are denied. His time and attention all together. “Hey Joseph. I was hoping we could go out for dinner”, she says sweetly to him. “I am sorry Sophia. I have other plans today. Maybe some other time”, he replies distracted. “And who is the girl?” She asks bluntly. “Sophia I am allowed to have female friends and male ones too right? It could be any gender”, he replies with mischief. “I love you Joseph. There I said it. You have no clue how long I have been holding that in because of everything”, she says feeling proud of herself. “Sophia I think you should sit down. One of the reasons we could work together was because we agreed no emotions were allowed, remember?  You are wonderful but I do not think we can work out and besides I am into somebody else.” He says truthfully. “Irene?” She asks with contempt. “I once told you there was a woman I would never let go off and you honestly told me to just go for it. I finally did and that woman is Irene”, he explains. “Oh!” ‘Well now my big mouth has cost me quite alright. If Irene is the one then I am just going to have to live with that right? This hurts a lot.’ “It is okay. I just thought I should let you know. No big deal”, she says attempting to be cool about it. Joseph does not want to dwell on this too much. He finds a soft landing and afterwards bids her goodnight. Maybe I am worthy of being loved he tells himself.


The concert is live and wonderful and is the talk on every social media. It was magnificent and a way to balance his relevance in the industry. What however dominated it all was the news that Joseph proposed to his girlfriend. Wait girlfriend? Yes Girlfriend. No one saw that coming. Sophia and Irene had found a common ground which was taking care of Joseph and Sophia was really happy for them.

That night, right after the concert, backstage was the headliner of the concert on his knees proposing to Irene. “I was not planning to love but I did eventually and I want to continue this journey with you. If you say yes I promise to love and respect you and be there every time you need me regardless of when and where. By staying you and being my backbone you won my heart”, he says seriously and happily too and anxious as well. “What happened to one step at a time?” Irene asks. “Oh this is just another step baby. Are you going to take it with me?” He is willing her to say yes. Irene makes a thinking face and with the broadest smile ever says a sweet melodious “yes”. That is how the journey part three began. No plans as such, just one day at a time they got thus far. Past the pain, absence, assumptions and plain ignorance of love, they got to a point where they were well grounded in the love of God and the love they had for each other. Who was going to stop them?


With a jolt Irene wakes up. It was all a dream? No kidding I am not married?Noo!!! However, one look to the right lies the love of her life, Joseph. He was getting better day by day. He would call her on his own now and talks without being drilled for information. He was forthcoming and he was hers. She hugs herself with glee and moves to kiss the platinum ring on his finger. Well this crazy twisted loner of a being is all mine. He looks so beautiful asleep and so happy. “I am glad I have had and will continually have the opportunity to love you”, she murmurs to herself. She goes back to bed with the happiness of a new bride.


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