How often should you forgive? Big question here. How easy is it to forgive? How do you possibly forgive someone who has only caused you pain? Lol. But the master is saying forgive, just forgive. Keep forgiving.

We offend God many times in a single day yet He forgives us. We should do same to our brothers if we are to be truly Christ like. 

When we kill, we are like beasts…. When we judge, we are like men but when we forgive we are like God.

How do we want to pray and be answered if we don’t forgive? Anyone who shows resentment towards another person is a sinner. So you can have inner peace, settle any issue you have with anyone.

Keeping malice is like poisoning oneself! No matter how big the offence is, the master says forgive. 

Forgive so your prayers can be answered. Forgive for your own inner peace. No argument or quarrel is worth stealing your peace. Don’t poison yourself.

Dear readers, the master says FORGIVE!!! 



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