Brother, Sister forgive before it’s too late

And you turn your love into hate

Forgive others while you still can

Forgive each one of your fellow man
There’s so little time to treasure

Why not employ into life’s pleasure?

Invest life in things worthwhile

Don’t give  a frown, just give a smile
A heart unforgiving will only bear

An aching in one’s soul coupled with fear

Give up your anger in every part
You’ll poison your soul with anger and hate

When you’ll not forgive even your mate

Others don’t know why you’re so mad

While it burns inside and you’re rarely glad
Give up the anger that you feel

Give in to the Holy spirit’s appeal

Surrender all your rancor and spite

Don’t try to maintain the angry fight
Tell those who bear the brunt of your ire

That you forgive them, put out the fire

That burns in your soul everyday

Wipe your slate clean and keep it that way
If you don’t feel that you want to

Remember that God has forgiven you

Neither once nor twice, He wiped your slate clean

Not even a  trace, can ever be seen
Forgive everyone as a Gift unto God

Forgive and a lighter pathway you’ll trod

No burden to bear upon your life

For God forgives those who forsake such strife.


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