Hello my lovelies,

How is today going? I am sure it is overly blessed. Let us all have thankful hearts.

Today, I just really wanted to let you all know Inspired Pens will be turning a year of inspiration in September. As a result, activities will go down to celebrate between September and October. Most important is the creative competition.

The creative competition has been introduced to encourage creativity in children. The pioneering one will be targeted at students in the classes between year 7 – 9. We will grow trust me.

Now without spilling all the juice that comes with the package (lol juice you know), there will be a goody bag that goes to the winners. I am throwing it out there for anyone that wants to put anything in the goody bag for the Ā children. It will be very much appreciated by us and them. God has been faithful with this little dream of a blog of ours and He will continue to be. So let’s give in celebration. Feel free to reach out to us. There is a contact page with the necessary information.

It would be fun I assure you all!! Let us create inspired children!!!


Queen NATALIA!!!

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