Hello peooopplee!!! Happy Monday, although it’s about to get really busy, still happy Monday. ๐Ÿ˜

So, I was listening to Moment For Life by drake and Nicki Minaj today and then I was LISTENING to the lyrics and not just nodding and tapping lol.

This came to me and I think in a tiring world, in a world where everyone is up and about, we need this more than anything else.

One day, we will all die and then we will be buried in a coffin and it will be lowered in a dug space and covered up with sand. One day, we will all leave this world and people will cry and mourn us but it is just for a while. Point is everybody dies but not everybody lives!

We all have one life. Are you living? You donโ€™t want to die without living. You donโ€™t want to regret not going for that vacation because you think it will delay your promotion..puleaseeeee.. take a break!

People are an inch close to death but you are healthy but behaving like a sick man because you are not living!

Brother, sister, LIVE. Fulfil your purpose. Play and laugh and be joyous for the world will not become less tiring because of you!

You are alive, act like it! This is a note to self as well.

Everybody dies but not everybody lives- Drake, moment for life!

Have a lively week!!!!!


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