So, it was one of those long busy days. I’d just got back to the hostel from the library at about 8pm. Tired and thirsty. Emphasis on thirsty. In any case, I’d bought bread already for dinner but somehow it escaped my mind to buy water. The bread I bought happened to be among the last sets that were sold that day so I counted myself lucky at least for getting food and resolved that water would take care of itself. Did I also fail to mention that I was in the company of two of my friends, A and B? Oh yes, I was. For some reason I got to the room before any of them. I got to my table and found a fruit juice. Excited, I asked my bunkmate whom it belonged to, he said it was for the three of us. Almost immediately, I grabbed it, opened and poured its content into my mouth expecting the sweet orange taste in my mouth. Instead I got a sour warm taste. I stopped drinking immediately and ran outside to spew remaining content from my mouth. My other roommates just kept laughing. Apparently, I had been pranked. I couldn’t get angry because it was something I could do myself. I just smiled to myself and decided that I was going to do the same to A and B.

A came in. He got bread. This was my chance. I asked him from across the room,

“Guy, how far now, you want drink? Na you and B get the remaining one”

He started walking towards where the drink was and stopped. His next few words struck my heart, though it was not the biggest show of love, it was a simple and basic show of love. He said “No jare, me I don get bread, B fit no get bread. Let him take my share with his”

Oh well, I had goosebumps all over. This simple act was a show of brotherly love. By considering B, he had shown love and oh well, to say the very least, he had avoided the experience I had wished for him.

No one is asking you to put yourself on the line or die for another. Simple acts of love like this go a very long way. Being our brother’s keeper is what our Lord commands us. I believe that by showing love like this to one another, our families, our community, the society and our country will become better places.

Anyway, I was the only long throat as I was the only one pranked. My roommates snitched to A and he told B. Life is just a pot of beans…😭😂
Have a wonderful day people! Don’t forget to show love today!

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