Hey everyone.

So today, I’ll be talking football. Its my first time, so just accept my flaws and mistakes like that oh
First off, I’m a staunch Chelsea fan. Yeaahhh! I have blue blood. Then Barcelona is sort of like my side chick you know.😂. That’s weird for a Chelsea fan, yeah? Well, I love Messi, so there.
Anyway, the balon d’or ceremony held on Monday and for the first time in ten years, the award went to neither Messi or Ronaldo. Luka Modric of Croatia and Real Madrid won it. That’s no news of course.
I’m sorry, but no! I do not think he deserves it. Now, I’m happy that the deadlock has been broken. Its no longer a Messi-Ronaldo affair. But Modric? No!
So you mean to tell me, that in the past 12 months of football, Modric is the undisputable football’s best? If anything, Modric is getting all the attention he’s getting right now because of his performance at the world cup and I’m sorry, I beg to differ, I don’t necessarily think he was the best player at the tournament. I think Griezmann was a better player.
In the champions league, Modric was merely an average player. He didn’t win a single man of the match award in that tournament. Ronaldo, on the other hand, single handedly dragged Madrid to finals of that tournament. How do you now pick Modric over him.
In the domestic league, sometime in the mid season, Modric was not all that impressive. No doubt, he brings quality to the table. His passes are key as a CM, still Messi had more goals, assists, key passes and more motm awards compared to Modric. In fact, Messi to me was the best player in the la liga last season.
This is not to undermine or downgrade the quality of Modric. He’s a world class player anytime. My point is, he’s not just been the very best in the last one year. Maybe not Messi or Ronaldo. But the likes of Griezmann, Mbappe had a better year than Modric in my opinion. I also think that Modric will fall low in the rankings of balon d’or winners.
For those of you that don’t enjoy football, I really don’t get it. Lol.
Chelsea for life!

Have a wonderful week people!


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  1. I’m a Liverpool fan but even with Klopp as manager , this club is cursed to not win EPL . the proove ? Gerrard slips when we were in such a great position to get the 1 st title since 92 ?!? c’moon !!! Gerrard would not get that even if they played the match 100 more times . Chelsea instead..your Chelsea…fuckt up when they got Morata as the main stricker. he is like a little girl ..somethimes he scores and so other times,he simply is not focussed . if they retained Costa , Conte would of bring them the 2 nd title on a row but…Conte is a miserable character . great coach but lousy character . after you win the league ,you text ur goal scorer telling him there is no place for him anymore ? in a text ?!?! of course that season Hazard and the rest of players hated Costa and did not give everything.why would they ? at the end of the season,they could recive a text..heyy,ur no longer needed lol
    anyway , Man City rules the league . there is no chalange for the title at all . the only way Man C. could lose the title would be to get 6-7 important players injured for half of season bcoz even if they have dept in squad, the reserve players would need time to get in match shape both mentally and phisycally
    all the best !


  2. Dude I actually agree with your point…but the fact is the World Cup actually boosted his chances like by a lot…messi was nowhere to be found Ronaldo was surrounded by untalented players but Croatia over performed and I don’t think anyone expected them to make it into the final …P.s Man U for life …Chelsea should Goan die

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