Poverty, a blessing in disguise. 

Sometimes, I wish I was poor or lacked some basic needs. Maybe, not so poor maybe things shouldn’t be so easy to get. Don’t get me wrong here. I am extremely grateful for where the Lord has brought me thus far and I know He is taking me higher. Amen.
I have read books. I have read a book ,in particular,  in which the setting was of a poor family. They were all happy and enjoyed their own company. They enjoyed each moment and savoured the goodness it contained. During festive periods like this, they had a chicken lap for Christmas dinner and with the way the writer described their happiness, it was simply glorious. You know when you read those books written by people who have the descriptive power. They paint pictures so vivid as if you were there and partaking in the activity. This book is an example of such. It was like I was there, sitting with them and rejoicing, thanking God for the chicken lap!

On another occasion, a video was sent to me. And in this video, a father took his son to the rural community to see how they lived and to appreciate some aspects of life. At the end of their visit, the son was thankful to the father and realised how their life (the rural life) was way better than their life (the urban life). And it was better in several ways. They had fresh food and not processed food, they had natural air and not air conditioner; they had each other and not social media and the list is endless.

Let’s bring the two scenarios together. Okay, maybe wishing to be poor is extreme but I wish to have their mentality. The way they cherish every single thing and their togetherness, it’s beautiful. The way we are told to learn a thing or two from the hardworking ants, we should learn a thing or two from this group of people. They don’t take anything for granted and they will live longer because they are happy people. No one is looking down on anyone. Everyone lives together and enjoys moments together. Everyone looks forward to festivities. It’s just awesome. Am I the only one who feels this way? I want to hope not. If I am truly understood, I want to hope not. I sometimes wonder what if the whole world lived like this, oh how nice it would be! No one would be fighting for power or something. We would go to the farm, harvest together, pray together, and laugh together. I sometimes don’t want to leave my imaginations. It is beautiful there. Surely, I am not alone in this.

I would like to read from you.


2 thoughts on “Poverty, a blessing in disguise. 

  1. I was watching this documentary about a small village in china..and its described like a mini heaven, so peaceful and cozy and it’s said to also have the lowest crime rate in the world ….through out the documentary I was just wishing to take a trip there and never return….I perfectly understand you and no you aren’t alone in this

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