Hello lovelies,

The struggle has been real with me posting this video today but I was determined! lol! I had to post it on YouTube eventually instead of directly to the blog just so this post goes up today.

So, like I said on the video on the Home Page, we have new content in stock for you through this month. One of which is this new page dedicated to nuggets with Queen N. I have not exactly put myself out there on this blog and I thought to do something different.

To mark the beginning of this new journey, I decided to start with a get to know me tag! If you know me and you disagree with my answers, that is your own o! But you can let me know what you disagree with and I will think about

Then, I have to apologise o. When listing the YouTubers I watch, I had the audacity to temporarily forget Tomike Adeoye. Ahhh! Such abomination. Lol! I love her energy mahn!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy seeing my face!

Queen N.

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