So last week, y’all read from Queen Natalia about distractions at church. Like she said, we attend two churches, one in the estate we live in and our family church. Trust me, the distraction at the family church is way more! Likeee nooo, can y’all just let me listen to the word of God?

It starts from the entrance. So the Reverend Father is entering and we are all trying to sing the hymn and just prepare ourselves to hear from God, then I look sideways and see someone struggling to walk, like fam if you can’t wear heels, why wear them? Sometimes, I silently pray that she falls. I’m not mean! That’s one distraction because I am basically following her legs till she gets to the altar.
Okay, I bring myself back and focus. Time to read from the bible and the lector is just up there murdering the words and inside of me is screaming for him to stop and instead of listening because I cant, I am just wondering.
We move through the readings, and we are seated for the homily and then here

comes the early ones, the ones that are most punctual, the early birds. Nno! I know emergencies can come up but every Sunday? It’s like some people have emergencies every Sunday. Oya sharply enter na, they are taking their time! No, this can’t be legal! Lol. And I am just there following every single one them till they sit down.

Then the children! Some never keep quiet! They are crying without stopping to breathe in. How do they do it? Poor me, I am looking from mother to child, like would one of you do something.

At the end of church, I come out claiming I went to church. But throughout, I wasn’t even minding my business but how can I? Tell me.
I now have to make a conscious effort to remain focused in church. Working so far! Please remain focused in church lol. Have a blessed week fam,

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